Integrated Industrial can supply anything you want.

Anywhere you want it. Fast.

With access to more than 2,000 active suppliers, Integrated Industrial is the most simple and effective, machine
single supply solution for mining and off shore supplies, safety equipment, hardware, building, plumbing, tools, industrial and general mining products and consumables.

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Unrivalled service and speed

Our prime focus is first-class service to the mining, industrial and off shore sectors. What  sets Integrated Industrial apart from its competitors is our speed. Detailed quotes on the same day or within 24 hours of your enquiry and delivery to site generally within 24-48 hours!

We've been supplying the mining and off shore industries from Perth for the past 20 years and currently service over 150 mine sites and off shore customers throughout Western Australia, Africa and Asia.

We take pride in our attention to detail, our personal service, our efficiency and our agility. This ensures you receive your goods on time, every time.

And with a sales team of 18 professionals with more than 500 years combined experience - you'll also benefit from industry-leading product knowledge and procurement expertise.

Your goods are securely packaged, clearly marked and delivered according to your instructions. We also offer pick up and delivery services within the Perth metro area. COD purchasing is also available where clients do not have an account with a particular supplier. 

Our purchasing power means you save

Integrated Industrial is a member of Australian Industrial Supplies (AIS), the largest industrial buying group in Australia, and Makit Hardware, the largest group of independently owned hardware stores in Western Australia.

We have access to more than 2,000 active suppliers which allows us to source all kinds of products at extremely competitive prices. Our group purchasing power ensures you buy your mining and off shore supplies at the best available price.

Anything you want. We've got it.
We can supply anything you want. Anywhere you want it. Fast.

That makes Integrated Industrial your most simple and effective, single procurement solution for mining supplies, off shore supplies, hardware, building supplies, plumbing, safety equipment, tools, industrial supplies and general consumables.

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