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The SmartWasher® start up kit contains everything you require to set up and use your SmartWasher® straight away including; 1x SW-25 SmartWasher® system, 5 x OzzyJuice® 20L, 1x FL-4 OzzyMat®. This pack make sure you are prepared from day 1 to sue and maintain your SmartWasher® in peak condition. SmartWasher® ships completely assembled.

SmartWasher® SW-25 is the third generation model of the original SmartWasher® machine which introduced bio-remediation to parts cleaning. This series of machine revolutionised and changed parts cleaning forever. SmartWasher® SW-25 is a static parts washer that has everything you need; flexible faucet, flow through brush, heated cleaning solution and advanced controls. The SmartWasher® SW-25 is affordable even to the most price conscious user but still retains many of the features and benefits loved by users of the more advanced models.

Ozzy Juice is designed specifically for use in the CRC SmartWasher system where it performs to the optimum. The Ozzy Juice is heated in the parts washer making it comfortable to use and because it is non-caustic the solution won’t dry, crack or irritate the skin.

Ozzy Juice SW-4 is completely safe for users and the environment and the introduction of microbes through the special filter ensures that while Ozzy Juice cleans the parts, the Ozzy microbes clean the Ozzy Juice. The result is a non-hazardous parts washer degreasing solution that is clean, strong and ready to use.



  • Flexible faucet.
  • Flow through brush.
  • UV Stabilised sink and body.


  • Heavy duty degreasing solution optimised for heavier duty workshop applications, including greases, oils and burnt on carbon.
  • Phosphate-free formula leaves no white residue on drying.
  • Non-caustic, non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Safe for users

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